Moto Mondays 2015


With this last winter being long and cold the Moto North crew was

itching to get back on there bikes. Problem. None of our bikes were ready.

The long cold winter had keep the garage time to a minimum so with Jason and Jamie doing full builds, Chris waiting on his new Ducati Scrambler and my bike in dire need of some attention we got a very later start to the season.

It wasn’t till June 26th that we got out for a ride (without being solo). I myself had been riding since the middle of May but with out anyone to stop and talk to about the great ride and scenery you tend to forget to stop and take pictures.

So all I have from May are pics of the new tires I put on my GS650e.


The month of June was met with a lot of rain and work. Riding days were far and few between. However this was the month that Chris finally got his Scrambler. June 26th pick up day.

With his bike less then 2hrs old Chris and I were on our way up Swift Rapids Rd. Now this was more like a good 4wheeler trail than it was a road. But with my new induro tire and the brand spankin’ new Ducati we had no worries.

Both bikes (old and new) handled the ride without a hitch. Even doing a little more off roading then was expected. And after slipping by a fence and some tighter trails we found ourselves at Lock 43 at the Swift Rapids.


July shaped up to be a pretty nice month. Jamie and Jason’s bikes were still not ready and work kept Chris and I from getting out together as much as we’d liked to.

This is where Scott joins the crew. Scott is the owner/head mechanic at Severn Cycle. I’ve known Scott since public school and now he’s our go to guy for parts, service and any questions motorcycle.

Scott and I had already gone on a few rides and he wanted to get up to his cottage for a swim and some beers all summer. And we finally got to…

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